In a thriving local scene that's busting with exciting talent and at a time when the floor's ears and feet are even more discerning than perhaps ever before, right now it takes a special kind of DJ to rise to the occasion - and it takes something entirely different again to rise to the top. Bearing this in mind, when you stop to consider just how much Tahl has achieved in his short career, one thing is obvious, he's got way more than your average dose of skills to pay the bills.

Starting his dance music life as a humble promoter for the iconic likes of Future Entertainment and Hardware Corp' in 97', Tahl first began spinning tunes with fellow partner in crime DJ Feigan shortly thereafter. By the time 2000 rocked up Tahl had already teamed up with Feigan and began throwing a series of monthly parties at one of Melbourne's then new and seemingly unknown venues, Two Floors Up. To cut a long story short, the parties were aptly dubbed 'Relax', they eventually wound up after two years of full houses.

Bust just as the door to Relax closed, a myriad of new ones opened for the irrepressible Tahl. On securing residencies at the likes of Za Bar, Blue Bar, Fractured (Leader in Breaks) and a Saturday night residency at one of Melbourne's biggest clubs, Room 680. 5 or so years later, Tahl still holds his blue bar Sunday night & finished up at Room 680 after 3 years of Saturday nights and a myriad on international supports. Tahl's flair for fun and keen abilities both as a promoter and DJ have seen him play an integral role in many of Melbourne's underground parties including, Quality Control (with local legends Sean Quin, Dan Mangan, Keltec & Feigan), Bamboozled, the ever popular themed electro / mash up party (with heavy hitting spinners Boog$, Spacey Space, Rowie & event guru Chris Mitchell), Beats Working (with breaks Dons Hans DC, Obliveous & Scotrod).

A list of internationals that Tahl has supported in his short career speak for themselves, 2 Many DJS, Carl Cox, James Zabielia, Tom Neville, John Digweed, Tiga, Danny Howells, Elite Force, Meta Katie, Lucien Foort, Hyper, Ewan Pearson, Chris Fortier, Norman Jay and the list keeps going.

As for venues, well from Room 680 to the Prince, Queens Bridge, The Metro, Q Bar, Escobar, Revolver, Eve, TFU, you name it and Tahl's inevitably seen it, read it, played it and rocked it.

All of Tahl's influences and inspiration come from the people he works with. In 08' Tahl with best mate and fellow colleague run a collective called Mixed Messages, starting off as a weekly club night and has now turned into a touring agency and event management company Mixed Messages is one of the only truly underground nights left in Melbourne. But Tahl is inspired by a group of DJs that he also calls some of his best friends, Spacey Space, Muska, Dave Pham, Logan Baker, Keltec, Sean Quin, Jean Paul, Jimmy Danger, Rowie, Sunshine and many more. However, that being said majority of Tahl's inspiration and influence comes from one friend and colleague, a DJ named simply, Boog$. Whilst promoting for Future and Hardware, seeing international DJs almost every weekend, Tahl was still always drawn to find out where Boog$ was playing, always ending up at Revolver for the Sunday morning recovery. Now in 08' Tahl & Boog$ work together often and Boog$ even invites Tahl down to play the biggest Sunday morning in Melbourne's history at Revolver.

In ‘08 Tahl has made the break from a full time job in Graphic Design and is following his dream of working with music and the dance industry, with the amount of residencies Tahl holds, it is amazing this hasn't happened sooner. You can find Tahl spinning every week at Revolver Thursday nights, Candy Bar Fridays, Bimbo Deluxe, Escobar and Roxanne Parlour on Saturdays and Blue Bar Sunday nights.