Born in Melbourne, 28 year old Sam Fraser grew up in a house where it seemed speakers grew out of the walls. Constantly surrounded and influenced by his dad’s passion for music, TV became a rarity and music became the essence that is at the core of his chosen career.

Considered a local veteran and stalwart of the Australian dance music scene, it seems like only yesterday that he put his first needle to the record. Now more than 10 years on and Sam can lay claim to maintaining some of the longest weekly club residencies of this decade.

Blending house with influences from deep, tribal and progressive, through to electro, tech and break beat, Sam’s never-ending quest for quality music whilst maintaining his integrity and presenting his own unique interpretation, is a testament to his ability to captivate a dance floor. It’s this integrity that has led Sam to a number of performances in the UK, New Zealand and Portugal, including a weekly residency in Lisbon throughout 2005. In addition, Sam has performed at weekly Melbourne venues such as Room680, Candy Bar and Q Sundays – the most talked about Sunday since Sean Quinn and Kasey Taylor brought Sam into the mix back in 1998.

Not only has Sam played at events that have represented every single performer listed in DJ Magazine’s Top 100, but he has had the honour of directly supporting such artists as John Digweed, Paul Oakenfold, Chris Lum, Peace Division, Ian Pooley and Hernan Cattaneo to name but merely a few.

Turn to 2006 and Sam has added to the resume with a weekly show on Melbourne’s top dance music radio station Kiss FM with fellow ‘Lost Boys’ Gus Cullen and Chris Meehan. And if one wasn’t enough, Sam has been instrumental in the success of Luke Chable’s Melburn FM via internet based station Proton Radio.

Embarking on yet another journey as producer, Sam has already completed more than a dozen original works and collaborated with such internationally acclaimed producers as Chris Meehan, Keltec and Nathan G. On the road to his first success “All U Freaks”, is touted for release later in the year and already receiving massive support from the local community.

With a drive, determination and skill that is a rarity these days, in an environment that continues to saturate with an ever expanding and populous market, one thing is certain: Sam’s here to stay and this ‘choose your own adventure’ will be filled with more twists and turns than the Tour De France.