After over 10 years of being involved in the dance industry in Melbourne, Luke’s ability to move a dance floor is second to none. Luke began his career as a promoter, booker, publicist and then Dj, giving him a total understanding of music and people. Luke has been musical director and booker for venues in and around Melbourne for years now, having been at the wheel of Lounge, the Screw parties, aLive, Earthcore’s VIP and many other projects, focusing on the right sound for the right time in the right venue has always been his tactical forte whether he is behind the decks or behind the desk.

As a Dj Luke McD has played house, electro, techno, breaks, funk and disco in Melbourne’s most respectable clubs and parties including Lounge, Honkytonks, Revolver, 161, Vineyard, Escobar, First Floor, Alia, Q Bar, Room, War of The Worlds, Screw, Sunny, F.L.I.R.T., Witness Protection, Lectro, Lasergun, Bamboozled and aLive. Luke has supported the likes of Kosheen, Black Strobe, 2 many Dj’s, Miss Kitten and the Hacker, Nitin Sahwney, Speedy J, Thomas Schumacher, Honeysmack, Ladytron, Jamie Lidel, Arc, Ransom, Phil K, Spiderbait, Mink Engine, Bubble & Squeak and many others if we are to include side rooms at festivals. Luke has also played radio sets and hosted shows on P.B.S, Tripple J, Kiss and RRR.

A tour through parts of Europe in 2006 took Luke too many venues including the ABC club in Glasgow, Pogo Club in Dunlin, Nemo party on a boat in Belgium, local gig with 2 Many Dj’s in their home town of Gent, Marbella Beach gigs in Barcelona during Sonar, Lola warehouse parties in Barcelona and City Hall in Barcelona.

Production was the next step for Luke McD and with his ability to play trumpet and write music he has teamed up with musicians like Davarj from Pre Shrunk and Whit from Spiderbait, Bubble & Squeak they create a truly original sound. A record label is emerging and the future looks bright for Melbourne’s producers, www.smashbangrecords.comz

Currently focused on electro, house, disco and techno you can hear a demo of a live set from his club night Elect at Lounge including Davarj on live bass and some trumpet layered in live by Luke.