deep blue is the orchestra unleashed.

The performance is charged with emotion and engagement. It's fun, dynamic, entertaining and rule breaking. There is no conductor, no music stands and no stuffy traditions. You don't have to know when to clap and when to be quiet... you can just enjoy it.

deep blue is part band, part orchestra and part theatre. Whether you like traditional orchestral music or not, you must see deep blue for yourself. The performance is unforgettable and it will change your perception forever.

deep blue marries the traditional string music section of the orchestra with a 5th section - digital and electronics. Cameras, big screens and dynamic lighting. It is a rich mix of classical, pop and film music delivered with magnificent sound light, images and stories.

deep blue has broken free from the constraints of a traditional orchestra, it is interactive and audience driven.

It has evolved through audiences wanting to experience the power of the music in a presentation and environment that they have grown to expect from other forms of entertainment. They want the orchestra to be fun again!

Not only is the performance a reinvention, so to is the business model that drives deep blue. Community engagement and audience development replace tradition marketing and advertising as our primary promotional tools. We deliver a range of initiatives to support this such as young blue, the deep blue Business to Business strategy, the deep blue indoor picnics, a community sponsorship program, master classes and work experience opportunities.