David is a inspired performer, facilitator and creative provocateur!

Equally comfortable in corporate and community environments, he brings a fresh approach to the work of engaging people in creating a more sustainable future.

David’s career began in marketing Fast Moving Consumer Goods with large food organisations where he learnt the value of strategic communications and the power of coherent branding.

He then ventured out on his own to work in both the community and corporate sectors as a freelance facilitator, researcher and strategist.

Since 2000 David has worked on and off with place-making consultancy Village Well - assisting communities, Councils, developers and retailers to create vibrant and sustainable places. He has conducted various community consultations, township visioning sessions and mapping of sustainability strategies in Melbourne and Sydney.

As a facilitator, he creates an atmosphere of intellectual and emotional rigour that enables a deeper exploration of the issues while maintaining a tone of optimism and inspiration.

He also runs an online event calendar promoting local Melbourne organisations aligned to sustainability, personal growth and positive social change.

Concurrenly since 1995 David has been training in theatre improvisation with 'Theatre of the Ordinary' where he has fine tuned his comedic skills. He devised and performed a successful solo show ‘Happy Yoga’ at the 2008 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

This work is increasingly becoming his core business, as he cleverly weaves together his various skill-sets to devise engaging characters to perform at conferences and other events. David’s joy is in using comedy, theatre and facilitation as a platform to engage people in accessible, fun and meaningful culture change.

David's Conference offereings include:

Character performance

Character based ‘stand-up’ presentations themed to your event, with improvised responses to the material of the day. Characters can also rove in tea-breaks or at expos, etc

Hoax Presentations

Cheeky ‘Impostor’ keynote presentations that provide a clever laugh, and provoke deeper thinking.

Warm-ups and fillers

Exercises, games and improvised moments to enliven our bodies and minds.

Live themed music

Collaborative music that is created live, themed to the conference content.


Eliciting creative ideas from the group that can be later workshopped into strategies and action plans.

Collaborative art installations

Facilitating the creation of live art created by the delegates using multi-media: painting, sculpture, video, photography.

Special Events

Concept creation and MC-ing of special events with participatory activities - themed dinners, talent shows, comedy nights, fashion parades, mystery tours.

Conference Program Design

Consulting on how to get the most engagement from your audience in terms of the program, branding, theming, venue and entertainment.