Darren, a co-director of corporate entertainment firm Impact EnterTrainers, has spent the last seven years making people feel happy at corporate events, whether through his humorous MC’ing, his tailor-made trivia quizzes and treasure hunts or by keeping his distance.

He has worked with top-level financial, accounting, IT, legal, pharmaceutical and retail concerns as well as having been used extensively in the lead-up to and during the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games for SOCOG and related functions. He is also experienced in TV and radio, owning one of each.

His mix of humour with his well-researched industry knowledge enables him to provide unique introductions for people, no matter how often they have been introduced in the past. His ad-libbed observations that he throws in when working crowds or thanking a guest speaker have become legendary amongst his many regular clients.

He has introduced and interviewed politicians, business leaders and famous sporting identities, putting both his audience and his guests at ease through his professional yet easy-going approach. He has also worked amongst crowds in ‘Vox Pops’ situations, thriving on the interaction and spontaneity that comes from working with members of the public.

Whilst it appears that gaining laughter from an audience is the aim, Darren’s belief (which is the entire reason for Impact EnterTrainers existing) is that people learn better when they are enjoying themselves and stimulated. Most conferences ignore this fact and will spend more money on balloons than keeping their delegates fresh and attentive!

By creating laughter and a slightly less formal atmosphere, delegates at conferences MC’d by Darren find they are still paying attention long after their normal conference attention span has been reached. Many approach him at the end of a day and make comments such as “I wouldn’t have made it through the day without you!” and clients are satisfied that they were able to educate their audiences better than at previous conferences.


¨ Introduce speakers in a uniquely professional yet audience-friendly way.

¨ Use humour and researched knowledge of the client, the industry and its personalities

¨ Energise the audience with occasional activities such as quizzes and challenges

¨ Bring a new creativity to the way an event runs

¨ Create an atmosphere where learning is easier-as people learn more when they have been laughing

¨ Deliver housekeeping messages

¨ Maintain the spirit and enthusiasm of delegates or guests

¨ Gives sponsors better recognition than just a brief mention at the start and end of proceedings through his ‘Sponsor Speakeasy’ sessions.


¨ ENJOYMENT: Darren injects a strong element of fun

¨ EDUCATION: Delegates learn more when they are enjoying themselves

¨ BUDGET: Compared to a celebrity MC it’s incredible value for money!

¨ SPONSORS: If time permits Darren can run an occasional Sponsor Speakeasy - a brief and fun chat with a sponsor representative during proceedings, thus offering sponsors more satisfaction

¨ APPROPRIATE: Darren will tailor his style to fit in with theme and atmosphere you are trying to create