Darren Flanagan is both an accidental celebrity and a true hero. Responsible for the rescue of the two miners trapped in Beaconsfield, Darren is a humble and inspirational public speaker, specialising in presentation topics for those in the risk management field and at events meant to motivate and inspire guests.

Highly regarded in the field of explosives, Darren was called specifically to the Beaconsfield mine to attempt to free two trapped miners, Todd Russel and Brant Webb, after authorities had exhausted all other avenues of rescue. Darren Flanagan spent a week strategically setting off over 60 explosives to free the two men, at one point working almost 1 km beneath the earth’s surface and staying underground for a day and a half straight. Darren’s patience, skills, and knowledge allowed him to blast through the rock, leaving only a few centimetres between rescuers and the two miners.

This hero and family man has recounted his amazing story in a variety of venues, most notably in television. He has appeared on shows such as Sunrise at Seven, The Today Show, A Current Affair, and Sixty Minutes, and is well-known throughout Australia and the rest of the world as a real-life hero. Despite having recounted his story numerous times, Darren is always descriptive, passionate, and thrilling, drawing guests into a true life drama. Despite being hailed as one of the bravest men in the country, Darren is anything but self-absorbed, relating easily to a variety of crowds and mingling with guests of all walks of life. His presentations, and his stories, are truly memorable.