In terms of teaching, speaking and facilitating, Craig can do a wide range of things from keynote presentations, to emceeing events, to facilitating two-day personal-development programs. Craig is a master motivator and teacher and has a reputation for being challenging, entertaining, engaging and honest.

He has presented over three thousand times, has worked internationally, currently works in television and radio and is recognised as an amazing coach and communicator.

Health / Fitness Time Management

The number one excuse people give for not exercising is lack of time. In this presentation Craig will explore the real issues surrounding the time excuse and teach the audience how to create amazing results without spending half of their life at the gym or eating carrots and lettuce! According to Craig, getting in shape and staying that way is all about us, not time.

In Shape Forever

Many of us have a history of almost getting in shape. The reality is that many Australians spend much of their life alternating between, big and small, fit and fat, motivated and de-motivated, in the zone and off the rails. Too many of us spend our lives waiting for the right time to get in shape.

Creating Work / Life Balance

In this presentation Craig will explore the concept of being successful in all areas of life; professionally, physically, financially, emotionally, socially and spiritually. He will also discuss how wealth comes in many forms and why some of the ‘richest’ people are also some of the poorest.

Living Outside the Box

In this presentation Craig will discuss why we are our own worst enemy and how we limit ourselves every day. Most people want an exceptional life with exceptional results but consistently sabotage themselves. Craig will also explore the amazing relationship between attitude and outcome.

Complete Health

In this very popular and entertaining presentation Craig will teach his audience how to create life-long physical change (fitter, lighter, leaner, stronger, healthier) by manipulating the four key variables: exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and psychology.

Australia, the Fat Country

In this session Craig will address how and why Australia is one of the fattest countries on earth and what we can do to change it. In 2007 we’ve never had more information, more education, more resources, more weight loss programs, more low-fat, low-sugar or low-salt products. We’ve also never had more fat Australians.

The Psychology of Fitness and Weight Loss

In this enlightening and thought-provoking presentation Craig will discuss why getting in shape (and staying that way) is more about our head than it is about our body. “Once we fix the psychology, then we can address the physiology”. This is a very popular presentation.

Coaching in the Workplace

In this session Craig will draw on his vast experience of working with professional sporting clubs and individual athletes to explore the many parallels that exist between coaching in the corporate world and coaching in the world of sport. If you want to know who makes the best coaches and why, this is the presentation.

Managing Us

The truth is that many of us manage our business(es), our projects, our staff and our investment portfolios but fail to manage our greatest resource; us. In this insightful and practical session, Craig teaches the audience how to create instant change with simple, practical and highly effective strategies for creating our best life and developing our

most-effective selves