Make your next corporate event memorable and enjoyable with a facilitated laughter session with Chris Popp.

Who would say no to more laughter in their lives? Hearty laugher, roaring laughter, silent laughter, humming laughter, giggling, chuckling and smiling. These touch our soul and help unleash our potential - you just have to let yourself laugh in the face of adversity. A facilitated laughter session is a very pleasant way to enjoy the medicine of laughter.

Why have a corporate laughter session?

1.It’s a fantastic ice-breaker and helps people connect really quickly

2.Energises and motivates participants and sets an upbeat tone

3.There are no jokes and no scapegoats - it is safe and non-offensive

4.It can be used for all size groups - from 1 person upwards and any length of meeting from one hour to several days

5.It can be used in all types of settings eg breakfast, meetings, dinners

6.There’s no need for any special equipment, clothing or set-up time

7.Suitable for all ages, sizes, degrees of health and senses of humour (no frown too deep, no depression too dark!)

8. It’s topical and everyone enjoys participating