One Team, One Voice Choirs - the ultimate training/management tool for your employees and teams. This corporate choirs program is designed to build leadership skills and improve communication, self esteem, wellbeing, innovation and productivity. Recommended for a minimum of 12 months to bring multi-divisional companies together and transform organisation culture. Choirs rehearse once-weekly and perform every quarter for hospitals, charities, company events etc. Choir leader, instruments and other resources supplied. Wellbeing Survey from Deakin University available to measure outcomes.

From a corporate perspective spiralling costs, low productivity and low job satisfaction lead to high employee turnover. High-intensity work environments, heavy workloads and financial pressure lead to thousands of stress-related WorkCover claims every year. With One Voice is a holistic new program offering the opportunity to build a harmonious employee community and improve your bottom line. It can also have the positive effect of reducing the risk of illness and improving the well-being of employees. And one of the big areas where it can return on the investment is in improving employee morale, creative leadership and resilience skills and retention rates.

Also available for 6 month and 3 month program and one-off CHORAL and Battle of the Choir experiences at short-term retreats and conferences.

The Corporate Choir program can demonstrate benefits on the following criteria:

Benefits to the organisation:

- A positive and caring image

- Improved staff morale

- Improved communication between business units

- Greater sense of company as a community

- Improved creativity and thinking “outside the box”

- Reduced staff turnover

- Reduced absenteeism

- Increased productivity

- Reduced healthcare/insurance costs

- A unique program that will attract talented employees to the company - “Employer of Choice”

- A corporate choir who can perform together at key company and community events and assist charitable organisations through the program.

Benefits to the employees:

- A creative, healthy work environment

- A greater connection to other employees and the company

- Improved freedom of expression and communication

- Improved self awareness

- Enhanced self-esteem, resilience and sense of wellbeing

- Reduced stress

- Improved morale

- Increased job satisfaction

- Increased skills for work/life balance and health protection

- Improved health

- A healthier family and community

- Being part of a united team (choir) who perform together at key company and community events and assist charitable organizations.