The Statue - A majestic 8 feet tall gargoylesque figure who manipulates a crystal ball around her body. The ball floats between her hands, creating an air of mystery. Simply mesmerising! Best on small podium, the Statue lingers in one spot providing walk-by entertainment. Fantastic for creating a magical atmosphere.

Mam'zelle Swan - Mam'zelle Swan is a cheeky French juggler who likes to show everyone her latest trick! Fond of interacting with guests she floats around the crowd with a sparkle in her eyes. Her challenge is to make everyone smile.

Crystal Interlude - A mesmerising and poetic display of crystal ball manipulation. Watch Anso roll the crystal ball on her body and isolate it in mid-air using sleight of hand and fixed-point mime techniques. Great for small, intimate venues.

Anso can also be booked as a normal juggler.