The ringmaster is the gatherer of the crowd, the controller of the flow, the guardian of the pace of a show. S/he has a booming voice and a commanding presence, making pronouncements on the glory and wonder of the acts to follow. The ringmaster brings the audience into the world that is about to unfold before them, leading them by their senses into the atmosphere, the thrills, the humour.

Dressed to impress in a stunning circus theme costume, the Ringmaster will surely turn heads.

S/he lets the audience know what to expect; should they be scared?, should they be awed, should they be in fear for the lives that are at risk before them? Then let's them off the hook when the clowns enter and subvert the role, making the ringmaster the butt of their own jokes. Will he gain control again? Of course. ringing everyone along on the ride and sending them home with a thrill of the show humming in their hearts.