Regulars on the Show and Club circuits, they are a hit everywhere they appear. They have been featured on the Channel 9 Today Show and Channel 7's Saturday Disney and Sunrise programs where they received an enormous response.

Circus Ringbarkus are a much sought after Family Entertainment Troupe presenting a unique blend of Comedy, Magic, Circus and the most Amazing Performing Pooches. Circus Ringbarkus have truly mastered the art of working with children and animals.

A successful and popular attraction, Circus Ringbarkus perform across Australia. In 2005 they are back with New Dogs, New Tricks and more gags than ever. We are even able to offer varied show programmes, so the same audience can enjoy different shows.

The 5-person family troupe performs a riotous 30-minute show of non-stop family entertainment. Circus Ringbarkus will have them rolling in the aisles, whether they're 2 or 102. Vaudeville really is alive and barking!

Self Contained Entertainment

Circus Ringbarkus is specifically designed to meet the entertainment requirements of outdoor events. Not only do they provide first class family entertainment but also their own tent to accommodate the performances.

This colourful and eye-catching Circus Tent has an audience capacity of 200+, while still allowing everyone to get close to the action. The spacious flow-through design provides shade and cool in the heat, while heavy-duty vinyl keeps out the wet.

Equipped with a circus ring, seating, PA system, lighting and backstage area, it's a complete self-contained family entertainment venue.

Clients are free to schedule other attractions or entertainers to appear in the tent throughout the event. We even perform compere duties completely free of charge.

Between performances the tent provides an inviting place for families to sit and relax from the hustle and bustle of the event.

We are happy to display sponsor signage in the tent, and to acknowledge sponsors at each performance.