Born in Scotland and brought up in Perth, Christopher Bisset is the newest and most unique entertainer in Australia, specialising in entertainment for a whole range of special events.

Christopher's performance fuses magic, suggestion and psychology, thereby creating a mysterious and intriguing environment for his audience.

His unique style of entertainment leaves his audiences, quite literally "spellbound". They are amazed and often unsettled at his ability to manipulate people's thoughts and actions. His performances are a thought provoking and profound experience.

Over the past four years Christopher has "mesmerized" and entertained audiences in Las Vegas, L.A ( the famous Magic Castle), Aspen (Doc Eason's Magic Bar), and numerous venues in the UK.

Christopher is available for corporate functions, dinner parties and events and he regularly flies all over Australia (Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast) performing for very high-profile companies.

Christopher is able to adapt to every environment to suit your entertainment needs, whether it be mingling with your party guests or performing on stage for hundreds of people.