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When was the last time you really laughed?

Multi-award winning comedian, CHRISTOF!! uses music, circus skills, audience participation, improvisation and sheer lunacy (in a classy way!) to totally entertain his audiences. Linking the traditions of Vaudeville, Slapstick, Musical Eccentric and Clown with his own modern style, Christof!! has proved a hit world-wide.

His highly visual approach crosses barriers of language, culture, age and attitude. A master of spontaneity, this refreshing comic invites his surprised and delighted audiences into his outrageous routines with such a sense of fun that they will want to join in - and they do!

So be prepared for the ridiculous Christof!!

He can also perform in theme with his country character.

Murray Dugdale!! (Country Christof!!)

Murray Dugdale is a charming rough diamond. A raconteur, larrikin, gentleman, and tall tale artist, he is available in his 3 metre high version, on stilts, as an fantastic icebreaker, or at normal height, as a laconic and friendly (but not too bright) MC. Imagine the biggest geek at the B and S ball.

Murray has been featured at the Dugdale Theatre at the Royal Melbourne Show, at Darwin's Diamond Beach Casino, and in the stage show "Every Trick in the Book" with vaudevillian Peter Gray and magician Tim Ellis.

The character, as well as being able to costume to theme has a banjo audience participation routine, a cowbell routine, a balloon twisting cow that has to be seen to be believed, and a plate spinning routine that can be tied in.