As seen on national television! One of Australia's finest magicians and illusionists!

Close-Up Magic:

With close-up magic, your guests or clients will be treated to their very own intimate and interactive show where they'll be able to experience the magic for themselves.

Close-up magic can be performed as strolling magic where Eng Chye can mix and mingle among your guests performing for individual groups or it can be performed from table to table in a seated environment.

What Eng Chye accomplishes close-up is simply incredible. Imagine experiencing...

Rubber bands mysteriously melting through one another.

How card sharks and card sharps cheat at cards where someone's signed playing card appears in the most amazing places.

A $10 note being transformed into a $100 note.

Ideal for award nights, cocktail parties, conferences, conventions, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners, private parties, product launches, sales meetings, special events and trade shows.

Stage Show:

Stage magic is a unique blend of magic, illusion and audience participation and is able to be performed for a large group of people so that your guests or clients can enjoy the magic at the same time. Imagine experiencing...

A funny routine with an audience member where their $100 note is magically changed into a $10 note.

A comical routine where an audience member's thoughts are revealed not once but three times. A funny game show style routine filled with "Oohs" and "Aahs" where a $100 note is borrowed from an audience member who writes their name across the face of it so they'll recognise it later. The audience member is then given a chance at winning tens upon thousands of dollars worth of prizes including a sports car, a diamond ring, $10,000 in cash, a computer system and a Hawaiin vacation. However, their $100 note magically disappears and they end up winning a lemon. When the lemon is sliced open, the audience member's bill is found inside which has their signature on it.

For larger events, Eng Chye can also perform his "Floating table" illusion where he makes a solid wooden table float across the stage. Whether you'd like to entertain 100 or 1,000 guests, Eng Chye can work with you to customise a show to suit your event.

Ideal for award nights, conferences, conventions, corporate events, exhibitions, gala dinners and special events.

About Chew Eng:

For a long time now, Chew Eng Chye has been helping a range of corporations make their events fun, memorable and successful.

Eng Chye is a magician and illusionist who specialises in corporate entertainment performing an intimate and interactive form of close-up magic or stage magic where you'll be able to hear gasps of amazement and laughter.

When you enlist Eng Chye's magic and illusions you're guaranteed to an interactive experience, where the performances are as much with the audience as they are for the audience, leaving guests and clients something to talk about for a long time.

Having been interested in magic and illusions from a young age and having met the likes of David Copperfield, Eng Chye's true passion is to touch the hearts and minds of the people he performs for and to bring back that sense of wonder they experienced as a child. He's a little like Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up.

Eng Chye has appeared on national television where he was the featured studio guest on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's program George Negus Tonight, which profiles ordinary people doing extraordinary things and explores the unique character of Australia and its people. During the interview, Eng Chye also performed some magic and illusions for George Negus who exclaimed "That's impressive!... That's impressive!...".

Beyond his magic and illusions, Eng Chye likes to make his performances light hearted and fun, but friendly and warm at the same time, so much so that we hardly question his ability to make the impossible possible. Eng Chye's style is also what sets him apart, as he likes to present his performances in a refined and elegant manner, letting people experience what it was like when magicians and illusionists were celebrities of the highest order.