Celia Pavey has grown up surrounded by music. Her sweet, melodic voice streams like honey to the ears.

A born and bred country girl, Celia’s sheer strawberry hair glints as she turns her head, her voice sliding on its light journey, rolling around the room and alighting on the soul of the individual. Thanks to her Irish ancestry, she was raised listening to folk music and played the violin from a young age. Shy by nature, she started singing seven years ago, finding inspiration in her sister who is a confident singer, as well as her musical idol Joni Mitchell.

19 year old Celia recently moved from her home town of Forbes NSW to Sydney; ready to chase her passion for music. Studying at the Australian Institute of Music, Celia Pavey blind-auditioned for the 2013 Australian series of The Voice and chose Delta Goodrem as her coach on the show. She stunned audiences with her unique performances of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘Scarborough Fair/Canticle’, The Sound of Music’s ‘Edelweiss’ and Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’. To date, Celia has had 4 singles hit the Top 10 on iTunes track chart with more success to come.

A Celia Pavey performance treats the senses with a myriad of folky country songs and provides an experience one isn’t likely to forget in a hurry. A hugely talented star on the rise, Celia has a vast career ahead of her and a plethora of past achievement behind her. The audience gasps at the pitches this girl hits and holds so gracefully, thus making Celia an instant hit. The seed of a promising career was sown for Celia, who came fourth in the finals. With four singles hitting the ITunes Top Ten and more to come, young Celia Pavey is already making her mark on the face of the Australian music industry.

She released her “Journey Album”, which people all over the world were in awe of.