Positive girls Carly and Tresne won the hearts of Australians on My Kitchen Rules 2014. With their resilient natures, positive attitudes and down to earth personalities, they became an inspiration for many Australians. They're now in high demand to MC events, guest appearances and to show off their culinary skills throughout Australia.

Carly and Tresne love to help others, they are constantly working with many charities all over Australia and volunteered in an orphanage in Thailand after filming Australia's highest rating TV show 'My Kitchen Rules'.

They unintentionally created a media storm when they announced they were a couple of 9 years and were featured on the front cover of New Idea, Woman’s Day Australia and New Zealand. They’re often featured in Woman’s Day, New Idea, OK Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Woman’s Weekly, TV Week, Daily Mail UK and many more.

Carly and Tresne are now working on their book ‘Food 4 Moods’ a book full of recipes to assist others with depression, anxiety and many more conditions. They’re also about to launch ‘Inspire Clothing’ their women’s inspirational active wear range. To accompany these two projects, the girls will also be creating a 10 week ‘Mind Body Makeover’ program with weight loss exercises, eating plans and meditations.

They’re helping inspire Australians to be more positive, resilient and strong individuals to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Topics Carly and Tresne can speak on:

- Motivation! How we found it, and why we’ll never let it get away. (Finding your 'why' in

life to succeed)

- Challenge accepted! How we’ve overcome challenges in our lives. (Adversity)(Growth


- Gratitude is the best attitude! How we’ve used gratitude to reach and sustain

happiness. (Mindset for success & happiness)

- Be Amazing, Be Resilient, Inspire! Being gay in the public eye and how we used the

experience to inspire others. (Resilience and motivation)