The Captain Spalding Trio combines the skills of three exceptional performers – Tom Spalding, Bill Mathews and Dave Campbell.

These Melbourne-based entertainers have an impressive array of achievements under their respective belts, having toured and recorded with leading artists throughout Australia and many other parts of the world.

Dave and Bill are both accomplished keyboard players who utilize their performing skills and technical abilities to create an amazing canvas of sound to which Tom adds his magic.

Dave also plays guitar and harmonica, Bill is an excellent saxophonist, and both have exceptional vocal abilities.

Add to this the theatrics and showmanship of a Tom Spalding performance and you have an extremely versatile and entertaining ensemble capable of playing any music to suit your occasion.

Whether it’s an intimate show for 50 or a convention for 500, The Captain Spalding Trio will deliver the appropriate selection of material wrapped in a package of unrivalled quality and entertainment.