Sisters Sharon & Michelle are Captain Bandanna & Co.

Their popular CD ‘Just Imagine’ is full of original catchy children’s songs for children aged 2 - 8 years. Most of the songs are educational & some simply challenge children to explore their own imagination!

These catchy songs are performed in our current show by Captain Bandanna & Splash the Mermaid or Skip the Skipper in a captivating, interactive, energetic performance that has the children sailing to mystical islands using exciting actions, storytelling, drama and their imaginations

Their show incorporates music, movement & storytelling to take your children on a fun-filled, educational journey full of adventure and surprises. They have them singing and dancing along right from the very start with music that actively engages them and encourages both a healthy and active lifestyle.

The team at Captain Bandanna & Co possess diverse talents & qualifications like qualified pre-school teachers, singer/songwriters, training in special needs children, Austswim instructors & mothers intuition. By combining these skills they provide brilliant music, lyrics, story writing, story telling, & party content to the children as we know exactly how to communicate with them and know exactly what they are interested in!

Captain Bandanna perform at pre-schools, schools, shopping centres, fairs, festivals, playgroups, corporate family days & charity concerts & events and are authorised by the NSW Dept of Education & Training.

They encourage children to use their mind & body whilst building their confidence and instilling a fun and positive attitude to their natural zest for life!