The Cabana Boys are the ultimate holiday island welcoming committee.

They greet guests with their happy tunes, smiles & extremely colourful costumes, making guests feel like they have just arrived for an exotic holiday or cruise ship adventure.

The Cabana Boys transform any venue into an exciting island holiday destination.

Is it the Carribean, is it the Greek isles, is it Hawaii, is it Bali the list goes on.....

The music is a tropical cocktail of calypso, latin, surf delivered up close & personal with a large slice of tangy comedy.

Guests can preserve memories of the event by using their own camera to have their photos taken with the Cabana Boys. Floral lays, wigs, bananas & a range of other tropical accessories provided!

The Cabana Boys are suitable for a wide range of events where fun is a feature, like nautical themed events, festivals, corporate functions, shopping centres, parties and the like.