Brian achieved great success as a mentor/trainer/developer in the financial services industry in a career spanning more than 20 years.

As a sportsman he excelled across a wide range of endeavours. He is a 7 time Ironman Triathlete (incl. Hawaii 2005)/regular podium finisher and state champion in the sport of Triathlon from Sprint distance to Long Course & Half Ironman. Brian is also a member of the Spartans Club (10 + Melbourne Marathons), a former Professional Football Player/Coach, Principal & Founder of BICA – training people to become Indoor Cycling Instructors, Master Indoor Cycling Instructor, Level 1 Triathlon Coach and Level 1 Cycling Coach.

Being as passionate as he is about everything in life, Brian’s motivational presentations are highly inspiring to a diverse range of people. He is also a regular host on SEN sports radio and can be heard live, each Wednesday morning, from 4.30am to 5.15am Brian utilises sport as his major weapon in re-affirming the capacity of the human mind, body and spirit in unison, to overcome challenges and gain mastery.

He is a committed and enthusiastic developer/trainer/mentor of people, always encouraging them to extend themselves and be the best that they can be. “I combine my passion for life with my management and sporting expertise to inspire and add value to people’s lives!”


Let Brian inspire & motivate you in pursuit of optimum Health, Well-being &

Self-esteem In this highly energised and powerful visual presentation, Brian shares some of his own experiences as well as those of others who have unlocked the secret of 'Recognising & Releasing the Iron' in themselves.

Presentation Overview

 Inspiring real- life stories on simply being the best you can be and where appropriate overcoming major challenges.

 The importance of planning to achieve desired outcomes/lifestyle

 Applying the skills of * Learned Optimism to all aspects of life

 Challenging and updating outmoded, inappropriate attitudes/beliefs

Outcomes expected:

Creating awareness of the impact of fitness and health on one’s overall lifestyle and work performance

Opening up to the possibilities of embracing life more meaningfully and having fun in the process

Enabling people to set specific action plans to make positive changes regarding all aspects of their lives

Completing individual mail – outs for follow up purposes

* Contained in the book “ Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman