In both business speaking and entertainment roles, Brett Rutledge has a dynamic versatility that few other speakers possess. The professionalism and dedication he brings to his craft is unparalleled. Whether as an accomplished after-dinner speaker, brilliant Master of Ceremonies or insightful keynote speaker, Brett Rutledge has the expertise to fulfill all roles.

Brett Rutledge's background and qualifications are as impressive as his commitment to excellence. Some of his achievements to date include:

* World Champion of Public Speaking 1998 – one of only 5 outside America and the youngest ever

* One of Australia’s best impressionists with over 200 voices and characters in a brilliantly accurate, insightful and hilarious repertoire

* Academic degrees and awards in marketing, commercial law, management studies and labour relations

* Over 10 years in consultancy roles in Human Resources, Strategic Marketing and Organisational Culture and a General Management role before the age of 28

* Recognised and working as an After-Dinner Speaker, closing Keynote Speaker and Master of Ceremonies throughout Australasia, Asia Pacific and the UK

With a unique talent that is refreshing, Brett Rutledge's rare ability as a mimic enlivens his world-beating performances. Combined with practical business knowledge and powerful delivery, audiences everywhere are guaranteed to be entertained and informed.

Extensive business knowledge and experience enable Brett Rutledge to comment with hilarious insight on a multitude of business topics. Sales, management, leadership, teamwork and other topical business issues are given his unique treatment with wry wit and captivating humour. You will recognise what you always knew to be true, but were afraid to say out loud!

In the ranks of Top MCs, Brett Rutledge is one of the best in the business. His unique combination of entertainment and serious business input, backed up by years of business consulting, mean Brett Rutledge knows about success and what it takes to achieve it.

Careful preparation and attention to detail are important factors for success in many areas. With events, the dedication of the person fronting the event is paramount. Speakers are much more than a mouthpiece. They must know their audience and research the requirements of organisers and sponsors. As your next Master of Ceremonies, Brett Rutledge offers not only professionalism, experience and flexibility but also the added bonus of over 200 special guests guaranteed to delight, inform and entertain.

After dinner speaking is a special art. Brett Rutledge brings a new dimension to conferences and events with his amazing characters adding to the atmosphere. Whether it is just for fun or the rare opportunity to combine a message and laughter, the personality and personalities of Brett Rutledge after dinner are not to be missed!

The ultimate after-dinner experience is 'The Star Club'. The Rutledge characters and impressions come to life in a show unlike anything in the Southern Hemisphere. Tom Jones, Bill Clinton, Billy Connolly, Joe Cocker, Elvis, Julian Clary, Kermit the Frog, Louis Armstrong and Frank Spencer as the Phantom of the Opera are just some of the stars that grace the stage in an unforgettable night’s entertainment. Your audience will never forget it.