For over ten years THE BRAZILIAN FANTASY SHOW, directed by visionary dance Maestro Mr Marcos Moran, has been the most sought after Brazilian Dance spectacle to grace the shores of Australia. The group’s reputation has also taken them internationally to high profile corporate and public events in Mexico, Japan, India, Singapore, Jakarta, Korea, The Philippines and New Caledonia where they have enjoyed great success.

This fine production showcases a vivacious and scintillating extravaganza of irresistible and sensual rhythms, stunningly svelte and gorgeous dancers, resplendent in glorious costumes of colourful sequins and plumes and smiles that light up the room, bringing you the engulfing feeling of celebration that is the very essence of the Brazilian Carnival experience.

The excitement does not let up through out the show and it does not stop with the dancers. This visual feast also highlights the Brazilian martial art incorporating acrobatics, music and dance known as Capoeira. The highly skilled performers will leave you gasping with amazement at their agility, coordination and athleticism as they roll out their amazing feats of physicality.

THE BRAZILIAN FANTASY SHOW experience is above all else a social one, with the sensual Lambada, known as the Forbidden Dance, leading to the Lambada Competition! This, for the audience, is an incredibly humorous and engaging peak of the show, making the night a memorable event for all.

The show is versatile and full of WOW! It can be tailored to suit a number of special events or venues, from small, intimate functionsto large-scale events.