Bill Nelson is an elite international sporting coach who has turned his knowledge of developing peak team and individual performance into a world-class corporate consultancy, Total Performance Concepts Pty Ltd.

Bill’s wisdom on the science of motivation, performance coaching and team building has been utilised by business organisations, defence forces, educational institutions, local government, and numerous elite sporting programs and individuals throughout the world.

Bill Nelson has the unique quality that allows him to work with people and for them to get the absolute best out of themselves and those around them. Their results bear testament to this.

His business draws on his expertise and time as a multi-award winning swim coach who has worked with the sport’s foremost performers in such academies as the world-acclaimed Australian Institute of Sport.

The success of his athletes took Bill to the Commonwealth Games, World Championships and the Olympics, and elevated him to Vice-Presidency of the World Swim Coaches Association.

During a distinguished career Bill has personally coached Daniel Kowalski, Mathew Dunn, Scott Miller, Michael Klim, Nicole Stevenson, Linley Frame and Duncan Armstrong. He was the national event coach for distance swimming for the Australian swimming team, a program that contained swimmers such as Ian Thorpe, Kieren Perkins and Grant Hackett.

Throughout this period, Bill’s ability to isolate the building blocks of peak performance was recognised by other sporting entities. From 1992-94, Bill served as an advisor to the Australian Road Cycling Team, consulted to (1995-1997) the premiership-winning (1996) SE Melbourne Magic and the Victoria Titans (2000-2001) National Basketball league teams.

He has provided team-building services to Australian football and rugby clubs, and is presently consulting to the National Rugby League referees and match officials.

Since season 2002-2003 Bill is a member of the coaching and management team that steered the Sydney Kings Basketball team to the NBL crown in the three of the last four seasons.


That insight is no longer the exclusive property of Olympic or elite level athletes. Individuals, teams and business organisations have successfully incorporated the Nelson message into their pursuit of high achievement. Since the establishment of Total Performance Concepts in 2000, more than 500 organisations and individuals have availed themselves of his guidance. Bill continues to coach, however this time it is to many of Australian leading business organisations and personnel. Once again where he has walked success continues to follow.

Stemming from the diversity of experience and success Bill continues to motivate, captivate and enthral his audience as he delivers his insights and strategies into the world of high achievement.

Bill takes the complex, intricate and sometimes confusing aspects of success and translates them into effective, understandable, high impact, practical solutions and direction. In his presentations Bill talks about the keys to individual and team success, organisational culture and the art associated with effective leadership.


The main intention of a Bill Nelson presentation, workshop or keynote is to provide information and education that fulfils your specific requirements.

An insight into elite achievement

A behind the scenes insight to the principles that developed success in such organisations as The Australian Swimming Team, The Australian Road Cycling Team, NBL Basketball championship teams, The NRL and numerous other elite level success stories.

Success won’t come to me unless I go to it

With every pursuit of success there is a price to pay. Bill relates his experiences of the past twenty-five years in helping others understand, pursue and achieve success.

Success is a journey not a destination

In Bill’s experience it usually takes many years of dedicated commitment to become an overnight success. Spend time with someone that has found the right road to take.

Lessons I’ve learnt from some of the world’s greatest achievers

For the past thirty years of his life, Bill has been on a mission to understand, pursue and teach the principles of success. In that time he has been fortunate to not only work with but also learn from some of the great achievers of this world.


Available in 1-hour sessions, 3-hour sessions, or full day workshops.

None Of Us Are As Good As All Of Us

Every highly successful organisation has a group ethic with an output that is trying to exceed that of the opposition.

Having talent and harnessing that talent are two entirely different things. The great challenge that faces every organisational leader and manager is how to unite and focus the individuals within the team towards the common goal.

Key Learning Objectives

- Getting everyone heading in the same direction

- Key elements of successful teamwork

- Creating a successful environment

- Rules by which we live

- Evolution of team maturity

- Be prepared to play for something greater than your self

- Everyone has a role to play

- Reasons why roles and responsibilities do not get fulfilled

- The team as a tribe

- Teams talk on three levels

Our workshops include an introductory session on the predetermined topics from above. We then work through a customized workbook to highlight the state of play of the topics with in the team and then ways to improve upon the current situation.


Available in 1-hour sessions, 3-hour sessions, or full day workshops.

The Person You Are, Not The Title You Have

To inspire people to increased levels of performance, synergy and efficiency, the leader must consistently represent a set of qualities, values and skills.

Although the need for job knowledge and management know how are important, it is the leaders individual attributes combined with the strategies, direction, support and ongoing success of the organisation, that will allow the leader to effectively engage the support and commitment of the people they lead.

Key Learning Objectives

- Lead through commitment not coercion

- Walk the talk

- Consistency is the key

- Defining relationships for effective leadership

- How to sell ownership to the team

- Why develop a philosophy of leadership

- Who is responsible for the team

- How to lead toward success and away from fear of failure

- The balance of leading and teaching

- What are the qualities needed for effective leadership

Our workshops include an introductory session on predetermined topics from above. We then work through a customised workbook to highlight the state of play of the topics with in the team and then, ways to improve upon the current situation.


Although goals are now part of everyday personal, sport and business life, there is vast difference between those that set goals and those that actually achieve them.

Bill’s presentation outlines the key concepts to not only develop specific and relevant goals, but also how to implement them in the way so as to extract the best out of these goals through engaging the people that pursue them.

Key Learning Objectives:

- A goal setting model for outstanding success

- The 10 rules for effective goal setting

- The 10 keys to effective goal setting

- How do you get all involved to take ownership of the goals

- Different types of goals and their appropriateness to what you want

- The difference between outcome and process

- Answers to the most commonly asked questions on goal setting

- Removing the myths surrounding effective goal setting

- Proven strategies to help you achieve your goals

- Once the goal is completed where do you go from there

As a follow up to a goal setting presentation, Total Performance Concepts has designed and produced a personal goal-setting workbook, specifically designed to bring balance and productivity to everyday life, as well as an audio CD that outlines and explains all areas associates with creating, implementing, monitoring and achieving the goals that you desire.