It is hard not to be enamoured by Beulah Joseph. Her grasp of the depths and subtle nuances of each song she sings, has earned her a spot among the most talented singers of Melbourne’s acoustic soul scene. The power of her voice coupled with dextrous finesse is guaranteed to blow any audience away.

From timeless jazz music standards to gutsy blues, chilled lounge grooves to funkytown soul, Beulah takes her listeners on a journey they will never forget. Her extensive experience in performance and skill in engaging her audience, makes Beulah Joseph the only choice for any occasion.

her Band

Inspired by the music of Billie Holiday, Aretha Franklin, Erykah Badu, India Arie and many others, Beulah and her band have created a sound that not only pays homage to these music greats but which also reflects this band’s own unique charisma and talent. With an interesting mixture of well known tunes and some very funky originals, Beulah and her band will lull you into a languid mood or rev you up to bopping mania.

Beulah can perform ......

* as a duo with Paul Holleman on keyboards

* as a trio with either drums/ guitar or bass

* with the full band (combination of lead guitar, drums, bass,

keyboards, saxophone)

Beulah has a repertoire that includes both originals and covers. A performance could include either or a combination of both. Either way, Beulah will enchant and delight your guests with her smooth sounding jazz songs or uplifting and entertaining covers.