Infectious Percussion on the Move!

Batacuda are a group of percussionists creating foot-tapping, hip-swivelling rhythms and entertainment. They're a high energy, cross-cultural medley of percussion, circus skills and mayhem.

A vibrant and colourful five-person troupe, Batacuda play rhythms from all over the globe. They are totally mobile, making them free to rove amongst the audience, encouraging participation along the way. They will use anything as instruments: bicycles, rubbish bins, prams, trucks, coffee cups and sculptures - whatever makes a sound! Then there are their circus tricks - pram balancing, shoe juggling, umbrella manipulation - just to name a few!

The show itself is a spectacular event that includes musical gymnastics, comedy, drumming solos, physical contortion and fire juggling, all involving the audience en masse.

Batacuda's performance highlights include such well-known festivals as the Melbourne International Festival of the Arts, the Columbia International Theatre Festival and the Hong Kong Fringe Arts Festival.

In addition, Batacuda have performed at hundreds of entertainment industry events and music events alike.

All the energy & excitement of BATACUDA gets bigger with:

BIG BATACUDA (10 Performers)

MEGA BATACUDA (20 Performers)

LA GRAND BATACUDA (30 Performers)

The now familiar BATACUDA has the ability to increase in size from the normal 5 person format up to the very impressive 30 person version - All dressed in the extremely colourful & vibrant BATACUDA costumes. These ensembles can be all drummers as in the normal BATACUDA or a mixture of horns & drums creating a moving spectacle of colour & funky music