Forget what you think you already know about Axle Whitehead. Because this is Axle’s stunning debut single, “I DON’T DO SURPRISES”, and no matter what you think you already know about Axle, everything will change after just one listen.

Naturally, up until now, most people will only know Axle from his work on television, his popular and high-profile stint as host of Channel Ten’s Video Hits and maybe even from his brief appearance in the first ever series of Australian Idol . Or, some people might have heard about a rather infamous incident at the ARIA Awards?

After leaving Video Hits in late 2006, Axle refocused on his first love – music. He spent the first half of 2007 writing with various people, but he didn’t meet his musical soulmate until about halfway through the year. American producer and songwriter, ROBERT CONLEY, is probably best known for his work with Darren Hayes, but he has also worked with the likes of Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Carlos Santana, Ricky Martin and Celine Dion. Rob had just relocated to Australia and was introduced to Axle via his publisher and as they say, the rest is history…… Axle and Rob would prove to be a match made in musical heaven. “Straight away, from the drop of a hat, it was a connection that was unbelievable,” Axle says.

“I DON’T DO SURPRISES” is the first single to be lifted off Axles brave and beautiful debut album, “LOSING SLEEP”, which is set for release mid-2008. Not only is it the first single to be released, but it is the first song that Axle and Rob ever worked on together. “Rob came up with that basic drumbeat, and I loved it,” says Axle. . “It reminds me of galloping horses, and being a country boy. I just thought that’s awesome, just movement, charging, momentum. And that’s the beat that we first started working with. And then we came up with different melodies and different lyrics”.

From the first listen of Axles new music you will hear a musical revelation that showcases Axle as a serious singer/songwriter, as well as a vocalist and musician of considerable skill and invention.