Avan Whaite started learning circus in1996 at suitcase circus, learning under Reg Bolton. Quickly showing a natural aptitude, he started training with Bizircus in Fremantle and did some performance with them including the Olympic torch relay in 2000.

In 2001 he started a 3-year training program at the National Institute of Circus Arts. During this time he honed his skills and did many stage shows including; Wild things, High voltage, On edge, and unleashed, and performed at corporate venues such as, Caufield and Flemington, raceways, the Hilton hotel, and Crown casino. Since leaving NICA, Avan has performed locally and internationally including, Clarke quay in Singapore, the regent theatre, and the L’Oreal fashion parade. He specializes in Acrobatics, Chinese pole, and hoop diving, and has skill in Dance, Break dance, Capoira, Martial Arts, Juggling, Unicycle, Piano, and Guitar. Avan is interested in inter-disciplinary performance, and the expression of character through physical movement. He strives to blend his skills in an eclectic, yet seamless whole to create a unique style.