The Australian Rat Pack

The Australian Rat Pack is one of the most unique and stylish acts that you will find in this country. It is a charismatic celebration of an era where entertainment revolved around big stars, big bands, big shows and big laughs. The original Rat Pack, led by the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, also featured fellow stars Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jnr, Joey Bishop, Shirley Maclaine, Peter Lawford and fringe members Jerry Lewis and Wayne Newton with latecomer Liza Minelli joining Sinatra and Davis Jr on the world tour of the "Main Event".

The unique aura that surrounded this clan has never been surpassed. The Australian Rat Pack featuring BOB VALENTINE, MARTY FIELDS and Ms NINA FERRO salutes these stars and their era.

MARTY FIELDS opens the show performing the songs of Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr, with his performance also incorporating the comedy of Joey Bishop and Jerry Lewis. Marty’s success as a standup comedian combined with his exceptional music ability make him one of the few men in the country that can truly do justice to these diverse performers. Marty is a seasoned corporate entertainer and brings to The Australian Rat Pack a wealth of stage experience having starred in the popular musicals 'High Society', 'Crazy For You' and most recently, 'Guys & Dolls’.

Marty then introduces the special female guest for the evening – a role presently enjoyed by NINA FERRO. With an enormous list of credits both nationally and internationally, Nina's rich sound has seen her recognised as one of the country's finest vocalists. Nina’s performance celebrates the starlets of the Rat Pack era such as Shirley Maclaine, Ella Fitzgerald and Liza Minelli. Returning to a time when music was not mass produced in a studio and songs were performed with feeling and emotion, Nina does justice to these performers that originally made the famous songs famous and cabaret performance an art form.

Following Nina, it’s time to pay tribute to the 'Chairman of The Board', Mr Frank Sinatra. There's only one person in this country able to do justice to this larger than life legend and that's the larger than life BOB VALENTINE. Bob's enormous stage presence captivates the audience as he sings Sinatra's songs like no other whilst also sharing anecdotes and thoughts about the great man himself. Bob is Melbourne's premier corporate performer. He is the ultimate big band singer and has supported touring artists such as Whitney Houston, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder and, ironically, Jerry Lewis. Bob is also well known as the voice of the "There's no other store like David Jones" media campaign.

At the completion of his sensational solo spot, Bob invites Marty and Nina back to stage where the three performers "bounce off each other" in a style similar to the original Rat Pack during their famous impromptu performances together. Individually, these three performers are wonderful, but put them together with some harmony, choreography and gag routines and the result is dynamite.

All members of the Australian Rat Pack exude the class and style of the era they are saluting, with the boys in tuxedos and the lady in "after five" attire. The act is available with a 21 piece big band backing or if preferred, may be effortlessly adapted to small combo or piano accompaniment.

The Australian Rat Pack is a Vegas Style Cabaret act unlike anything else available in this country. Three experienced and talented performers paying tribute to the biggest stars in the business. A truly polished and irresistible entertainment event.