The Australian Girls Choir celebrates 26 years of providing high quality education and wonderful performance opportunities to many thousands of girls from across the country. Girls aged five to eighteen years are trained in song, dance and drama on a weekly basis in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our reputation as Australia’s most dynamic girls’ choir has been established in hundreds of high profile performances at home and abroad.

The choir was established by Judith Curphey in 1984 and began with four junior groups rehearsing in the Melbourne suburb of Burwood. Her goal was to create a choir with a uniquely Australian sound, high artistic standards; a choir which could dance as well as sing, and was renowned for its quality of presentation. It was not long before chapters of the Australian Girls Choir were opened interstate with classes commencing in South Australia in 1984, in New South Wales in 1986 and in Queensland in 2000. There are over 3,500 choristers in four states across 17 rehearsal venues.

Best recognised for its involvement in the Qantas 'I Still Call Australia Home' advertising campaign, the choir has sung at almost every major concert venue in the country. The girls have performed with a long list of outstanding artists and personalities from the entertainment world, and have been acclaimed in some hundreds of performances undertaken in numerous international and national tours.

Our choristers have been applauded by audiences and events organisers alike for their energetic and vibrant performances. The choir is renowned for the standard achieved in dance items as a result of the girls' work with professional choreographers. In this, the choir is unique in Australia.

The choir has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1984.