Who is the sexiest spy in the world? Ok, James Bond, but who is the second sexiest?? Austin Powers of course! He will be dressed in frilled shirt and velvety jacket with wig and glasses. This spy is the perfect character to liven up any function. Austin keeps his audience in stitches. Shagadelic Baby!

Bradley Croft has been an actor and entertainer for over 25 years, working in everything from professional theatre companies, film and television, to corporate entertainment performances all over Australia. For the past ten years, the majority of my work has been presenting roving characters and MCs, the most popular character being Austin Powers.

Austin is a very popular character as he is very iconic and very silly. With lots of “Yeah Baby’s” and “Oooh Behaves!” Austin is a hit at every function he attends. He’s the ultimate party animal, breaking the ice and meeting everyone at the party, young or old male, female or anything in between.

As well as meeting and having fun with people face to face, Austin has a fantastic interactive show to really get people in the party mood.

The Austin Show goes for about 20-25 minutes and includes four songs:

• Wild Thing

• Fever

• My Generation

• I’m a Believer

These songs always get the audience singing along and ready to hit the dance floor!

Austin normally likes to get some Go-Go Dancers up to help the show along.

There are also competitions available if the crowd is into it, like best Party Animal, Sexiest Beast at the Party and the Limbo. Why not send us the names of some people in the audience who might like to come and join Austin and have a bit of fun.

The main aim of the Austin Show is for everyone to have fun and at the end of it be left feeling Very, VERY Shagadellic! Stay Groovy baby, yeah!