Shagadelic vocals and characterization from Morris Minor (aka Austin) and Modus Operandi, who were previously unemployed groovy spies. Now they have become singers in a Rock 'n' Roll band! Austin still uses his devilish charm to seduce his female counterparts, but is always ready to combat evil… Ophelia Teats and Foxy are CIA undercover agents masquerading as 60s sexy, groovy, hippy chicks.

Together with their 5 piece backing funk orchestra this grooving group performs Burt Bacharach, B52s, Barry White, Tom Jones, Sergio Mendez, Kylie Minogue, Madonna, Britney Spears and all your favourite hits from the 3 movies.

Costume changes, cabaret, wigs, teeth and comic characterization combine to overcome the power of international evil in one shagadelic grooooovy dance explosion baby!