A night of mayhem with Audrey Tawdry and her crazy team where everything that can go wrong does (in the nicest possible way). The kitchen catches fire, the lectern explodes, the chef is drunk, the kitchen staff are on strike, there is no power and the list goes on. Based on the hilarious Fawlty Towers comedy, the Tawdry Experience offers complete adaptability, providing free flowing fun for any size functions. Be it a 12-person dinner party or small cocktail party (with a cast of one or two performers) to a 400-500 person corporate banquet (with multiple actors & performers).

They have performed on the Polly Woodside, TT Line, and Sydney Harbour Ferries, in marquees, on trams, trains and planes, around pools, halls and even schools. Crown Casino, Melbourne Zoo, the George Bathroom, 9 Darling Street, various Toorak homes, MCG, Rialto Towers, Le Meridien, The Grand Hyatt, Sheraton Towers, Hilton, Sofitel, The Arts Centre. They will turn an ordinary function into an extraordinary one that will be talked about for a long time.

The Tawdry Experience keeps corporate dinners bubbling, is a great “ice breaker” for cocktail parties, meet and greets and works really well on water. It can be over the top or restrained – as the occasion demands. In the tradition of Fawlty Towers, we introduce Audrey Tawdry, time and motion manageress and the water from hell Reggie McCluckerflutchie where anything and everything that could go wrong, does, including:

· Piping the guests aboard

· Mayhem with a vacuum cleaner after a spillage of peanuts

· Drinks are served in the true Tawdry manner

· Sick bags are provided and swimming lessons given

· Technical microphone problems then the Lectern explodes

· A lunatic demonstration of the vessels safety features

· Reggie is fishing on the Port side

· Cigarettes are put out by a fire extinguisher

These are just a few of the antics Audrey Tawdry and Reggie McCluckerflutchie get up to.

Based on improvised theatre, the secret of this non stop entertainment is the skill of these talented actors, who on the spot, devise a gag out of a serviette, plant or chair.