Aston’s musical vision is as simple as it is breathtakingly beautiful: to present modern classics like no one has ever heard them before. They take contemporary hits and classics and re-arrange them into classical form; their arrangements include current hits such as Lady GaGa’s ‘Telephone’ and Rihanna’s ‘Rude Boy’, as well as classics such as Kylie’s ‘Confide In Me’ and Coldplays ‘Viva La Vida’. Quite simply some of the biggest and most loved songs in the history of pop and rock music, radically rearranged and delivered afresh by a virtuoso outfit of young classical musicians.

The six members of Aston, aged between 21 and 23, have come straight out of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, the most distinguished music school in Australia. Some members are not due to graduate until the end of the year, but they are all already professional young musicians of the highest calibre.

2010 has already been a huge year for Aston. After being confirmed as the house band on Seven’s new ratings smash The Matty Johns Show, Dan from the band decided to put a recording of Telephone on youtube. In just two weeks, the track had 700,000 views online, was blogged by the infamous Perez Hilton, became the most viewed australian music video of the year and earned the band a legion of fans from around the world.

What began as a side-project amongst a bunch of students created an instant buzz that’s led to ASTON being signed by Warner Music Australia, recording a debut album and now preparing to take their unique modern classical sound out to audiences across Australia and the rest of the world.

Aston would be ideal for any corporate event or conference as a stunning feature act, right down to small private engagements, playing all of your beloved wedding songs.