Forklift driver Altiyan Childs had almost given up his dream of becoming a musician. Born in Mt Isa, but growing up on Sydney’s North Shore, Altiyan formed his first band at age 12.

Now at 35, he’s finally getting the chance he thinks he deserves. Having enjoyed some success 10 years ago with the band Masonia (they reached #41 on the album charts), Altiyan decided to retire from music.

"I lost my drive to keep plugging away, sending demos."

Altiyan’s father encouraged him to audition for The X Factor. "He saw me struggling being away from music", he says. Altiyan’s first audition didn’t go so well but the judges saw something in him and asked him to return for another chance.

With Ronan Keating as his mentor, Altiyan has made it all the way, winning The X Factor 2010.

"I instantly felt a connection with Ronan. I love that man. He is so inspiring to me."

And Altiyan’s musical inspiration? "Prince always affected me, Van Morrison spoke to me."

Altiyan says the feeling of making it this far is indescribable, and is looking forward to the future, especially to the release of a beautiful album, his debut album 'Altiyan Childs' is released through Sony Music.