Athlete, businesswoman, and television personality Alisa Camplin started out young as a gymnast and sailor, and now specializes in motivational speaking engagements. With topics ranging from preparing for success, finding determination one didn’t think they had, and how to work as a team, Camplin is requested as a public speaker by multi-billion dollar companies and small organizations alike. Eloquent, passionate, and always professional, Camplin is both entertaining and motivating.

Upon graduating from Methodist Lady College, she turned her sights to aerial skiing at the age of 19, and quickly found her niche in the world of sports. For years she practised, constantly finishing behind other Australian aerial skiers, and then, against all odds, she gave Australia its second ever gold medal from a Winter Olympics, and the first brought home by a woman.

Despite numerous injuries and doctor’s orders to stay at home, Camplin headed to the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Fighting against her nerves, Camplin won her event with a pair of triple-twisting, double backflip jumps, coming out on top for the first time in her career. She went on to win the bronze in the Turin Winter Olympics four years later, during which she also acted as flag bearer for Australia at the opening ceremonies.

After the games, she announced her retirement from aerial skiing, and turned to the business world, media engagements, and motivational speaking, working as an executive for IBM and as a judge on various television shows in between speaking events.