Al Cappuccino

In an industry where experience and expertise are only the beginning of a career, Al Cappuccino's act has consistently won awards and accolades from audiences and peers. Where many character magicians use their characters as an add-one to their magic act, Al Cappuccino is a character that is enhanced by superb technical magic. The magic brings the character to life. He is nostalgic, very theatrical and full of surprises.

Al specialises in close up magic, his performances are carefully orchestrated to create maximum atmosphere and entertainment. His personality can make any audience member feel at ease while awing them with impressive feats of magic. Relating to audiences of all ages, Al Cappuccino will suit any function you may be planning. From sit down dinner function to stand up cocktail functions, Al will amaze and stun your guests with his skill and personality. Just don’t let him near your wallet!

Al Cappuccino (Chicago/1920s)

Keep your eyes on his machine gun and your hand on your wallets! This magician is dressed to the night in slick gangster style. Al Cappuccino performs at a wide variety of events, from Chicago theme nights, major corporate functions, to the Melbourne Magic Festival and the famous Comedy Café. Created by Melbourne’s renowned magician, Enzo Ficco, the character was developed as he saw a need to accommodate the popularity of Chicago and Roaring 20’s theme nights. "The magic is basically a vehicle to bring the personality of Al to life" Enzo says, "I just love playing the character - it's nostalgic, very theatrical and full of surprises." His sleight of hand, comic delivery and convincing character acting is sure to impress. This slick member of the magic mafia will be highlight at your next event. Don’t miss Al Cappuccino in action.