Look out Sydney! It’s time to GET SMART and party with AGENT 69!

Armed with all your favourite tunes, 6 piece party/rock/dance band, AGENT 69 invites you to join in the KAOS and discover the tricks they have hidden up their collective sleeves. And what tricks might they be?

Would you believe:

The old ‘get them on the dance floor trick?’

‘give them 100% LIVE music & no sequences trick?’

The old ‘fun and sexy dance moves trick?’

And finally, the old ‘playing a huge variety of styles from the 60’s to now trick?’

So, who are AGENT 69? This was a closely guarded secret until their hush hush spy agency, CONTROL, was compromised by the notorious spy syndicate, KAOS. The following information was deciphered from suspicious ‘chatter’ found on recent surveillance tapes.

Maxwell Smart aka David Micallef: Guitarist & support lead vocalist, Max spends his band breaks in rest rooms, analysing chatter!

Agent 99 aka Ashleigh King: Sexy and talented lead vocalist, 99 is resentful about working with nerdy & accident prone, Max!

Agent 69 aka Mimmo Lubrano: The brains behind the band, bass & vocals, Agent 69, is determined to thwart world domination!

Hymie aka Pete Chudleigh: Superhuman & overly literal, the band’s keyboardist, Hymie, is programmed for neatness!

The Chief aka Craig Dow: Sarcastic and grouchy, the Chief of CONTROL uses his drum kit to help with anger management!

Sigfried aka Warrick Nadin: A lethal enforcer from KAOS, lead guitarist & vocalist, Sigfried, is plotting world domination!

So what sets AGENT 69 apart from the rest? “Would you believe”

Great musicianship & outstanding vocals!

A ‘show no fear’ fronting style, humour and a party atmosphere!

Tons of experience performing at venues and functions across the country!

Determined to thwart a plot for world domination, AGENT 69, need you to take CONTROL of your venue program or function NOW and BOOK SOON or you’ll “miss them by THAT MUCH!”