Wanna give it a try, but don't want to commit to a whole term?

Lots of rhythm means no blues. Just try keeping your hands by your side! Experience the excitement and warmth of creating your own rhythmic music by joining with others in a drum circle. At once stimulating, mesmerising, meditative and creative, your body will groove to the downbeats and rock to the upbeats.

It's tribal fun that Aussie culture could never offer you. You'll score professional tuition, (Teacher: Anne Harkin) use of a drum, a take home handout listing and annotating the rhythms learned, a list of recommended recordings of related music and contact details for those who want on-going lessons.

What is involved?

warm-up/co-ordination exercises

you'll have a go at clapping, stomping, small hand percussion

training in African drum techniques

participation in rhythms and songs

Who can do it?

No experience is needed but all levels are catered for. There is a maximum 15 per group (no age restrictions).