High energy drumming and dance in traditional costumes featuring from 4-20 performers. These talented artists have performed at many major events and can also lead your guests in a mass drumming experience.

African Drumming Workshops are proven and effective, fun filled sessions designed to improve productivity in your workplace.

By creating a relaxed environment, which inspires group participation and synergy, African Drumming breaks down social barriers in order to allow participants to work efficiently and harmoniously together, with increased focus and reduced stress.


- Promoting cooperation against competition within the workplace. As an effective communication tool, drumming helps members realise their own contribution to the whole. It highlights that each team member’s input, no matter how small, can make a marked difference to the success of a group.

-Encouraging personal development. Anyone can beat on a drum, giving participants a great sense of competence, which in turn enhances self-esteem.

-Building team bonds and confidence.

Motivation will increase through sharing creativity and listening to one another. Confidence in onesself and in each other is strengthened which in return will heighten trust and mutual respect.

-Breaking down social barriers. Drumming is an effective icebreaker for bringing employees closer together and instils cooperation by removing, race, gender and age barriers.

-Celebrating group success and synergy.

By successfully playing these rhythms together, groups develop a powerful synergy and sense of unity.

-Increasing immediate and sustained general well-being, happiness and energy levels. Drumming enables the participant to disengage from mental activity and brings participants 100 % into the present moment, which gives a great deal of relief from mental stress and allows them better focus and clarity.

Stress Release. The physical benefits leave the body feeling invigorated but relaxed. At the same time a meditative experience is had which helps clear the mind of everyday stress and leaves the individual receptive to new ideas and challenges.