Stuart Christie is a multi skilled performer in circus acrobatics and music performance, specializing in the aerial apparatus “corde lisse” (smooth rope) a rope hung from the roof which he displays feats of strength, acrobatic drops and rolls to the awe of the crowd. He also has a fluidity of movement and connection to the apparatus which in turn draws the audience into this unique approach.

Recently coming off tour with the world renowned company Circus Oz after two years as a performer, there he also specialized in a high paced duo acrobatic routine and performed group acts such as flying trapeze, Chinese pole, group balances and character performance, Stuarts other performing credits include a 7 month residency in Nagoya at the World Expo 2005 working for the Australian Pavilion under Artistic direction of Kate Denborough of Kage Theatre in A.R.C, performing ground based character/acrobatic acts in a multitude of guises, and also lastly he has performed in a variety of corporate events and nightclubs in and around Melbourne in the past 3 years.

Stuart graduated from the National Institute of Circus Arts Prahran Victoria 2004 with a Bachelor of Circus Arts focusing on Corde lisse, Flying Trapeze, Slapstick Acrobatics and Clown.

Prior to N.I.C.A Stuart performed widely throughout eastern Australia in musical outfits such as Freudian Trip, Double Helix, and Holly Throsby producing 4 independent E.Ps and playing many festivals between 1995-2001, then through the development of physical learning in forms such as Capoeira (Brazilian Martial Art/Dance), Adult Gymnastics and workshops in Clowning with teachers such as Tom Greeder lent him to further progress on to study in N.I.C.A.