Natalie is one of Australia's most talented performers; she first hit international fame when she performed in Cirque Du Soleils' "Quidam" in 2001 and continuing on their European, Usa and Japanese tours until 2003. Natalie remains to be one of the world’s best on her apparatus known as "Cloudswing" having recently competed at the International Festival du Cirque, Monte Carlo 2008, where she was awarded the Premio Speciale Gesellschaft Circusfreunde prize from the Germand Circus Fans Association.

Cloudswing: As seen in Cirque Du Soleil's "Quidam" 2001-2003. Suspending on a swinging rope 10 metres above the ground or above the audience. Needs assistant safety line operator.

Tissu: From 5 metres to 10 metres on a silk. Currently showing this act in Webbers Circus "Cirque Du Voyageuse" Dynamic and fast unless requested in a slower more balletic manner. Solo act.

Lyra: Graceful and highly skilled act. 3-4 metres: Dance ring act. Above 4 metres as high as requested. Act looks best moving up and down on winch or pulley system, however can also be performed static. Solo act

Other acts available on request:

Web: spinning rope with me suspended by my foot or hand. 5-10 metres. Needs assistant to spin rope.

Cloudswing with bungees: 10 metres required. Highly skilled cloudswing act with the excitement of bungees as I launch from the rope. Needs assistant.

Double trapeze: stylish, slick and sexy act, performed with Andrew Bright. Approx 6 metres and higher.