Lisa has always loved physicality and performance. A Calisthenics girl for 13 years, she also dabbled in theatre and dance. In her early 20’s she developed a taste for contemporary movement and assisted in developing and running WaterCariers Dance Theatre. At 24 she was introduced to contemporary circus and her whole world was literally turned up side down.

Resigning from her respectable conference and event management job, she traded her business suit for leggings, track pants and muscles, diving into the enchanting and grueling world of circus and training.

Lisa is a passionate performer who sees the arts as a chance to engage, entertain, challenge and provoke herself and her audience. This opportunity to mesh and collaborate with live music, vocals, movement and circus is only the beginning of what Lisa hopes to develop and be part of in the future.

Lisa specializes in German Wheel and Solo and Duo Tissu (aerial silks). In both of these apparatus’s she combines movement and theatricality with the circus skill to deliver a beautiful, moving, fun, creative, highly skilled performance.