Laura is a captivating performer, particularly renowned for her skillful command of the aerial ring and tissu, as well as being skilled in hula hoops and adagio.

Laura has honed her circus skills at Vulcana Women’s Circus (Brisbane), training with a range of national and international artists and performing in the circus arts for the last six years. Her stage presence and grace have been further developed by drawing upon a number of other disciplines including ballet, capoeira and Suzuki Method performance training. Laura has delighted audiences at a variety of events including Adelaide Fringe Festival, Woodford Folk Festival, Red Door Burlesque, Melbourne Fringe Festival and various corporate and community events across Australia.

Laura la Reyna is a lady of leisure. But don’t be mislead, Laura doesn’t spend every day riding pink ponies. After all, it is a full time job being this fabulous, and you know this girl puts in her overtime. Focusing her performances on strong aesthetics, clean images and immaculate. detailed costuming, Laura creates a style that is a rendezvous of pop culture, burlesque with a dash of fantasy thrown in for good measure - and lets not forget the secret ingredient... love.

Aerial Ring Act

The audience will be dazzled as they watch Laura la Reyna on her shining, spinning ring. High above the crowd, she seamlessly spirals, contorts and balances into graceful poses that delight and inspire. Laura is a talented performer whose unique style of playfulness and fantasy will leave audiences spellbound. Themes for this act include Pin-Up Sailor Girl, Black and white screen siren, black tie style.

Tissu Act

Laura la Reyna is poised and at home high in the air, while the tissu billows and curls around her. She slithers, wraps and contorts herself into the silken folds of fabric, lulling the crowd, before executing seemingly impossible drops and manoeuvres. Audiences will be breath-taken at the elegance and allure of Laura la Reyna's unique style and grace. Themes for this act include Crimson Tango, the Black Widow and black tie style.

Hula Hoop Act

Let yourself get lost in Laura la Reyna's crazy, colourful, hooping world as she turns up the tempo. A fun, visually stunning, burlesque inspired act that is sure to delight and entertain the crowd.