Some of Kate's specialties inlcude:

Hula Hoops

The Hula Hoops routine is an energetic, fast moving act. Beginning with a single hoop whirling around her body, Kate switches from arm to arm, from foot to foot and neck in a frenzied display of skill and spectacle.

The act builds by incorporating an additional 4 hoops, increasing in complexity and finishing with skillful trick that maintains 5 hoops spinning independently around different parts of her body.

The finale peaks with 20 hoops spinning like a silver slinky whirling dervish.

Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks consist of two lengths of fabric suspended from the ceiling. Utilizing great strength and flexibility to climb and manipulate the fabric, Kate creates a scintillating display of acrobatic skill in the air. The routine also comprises spectacular drops and rolls that create suspense and move the audience to gasps in shock and awe.

Aerial Hoop

The Aerial Hoop is a beautiful and mesmerizing act performed in a silver steel hoop. Moving through, under and around the hoop as it spins, Kate creates graceful and fascinating images in the air, at times suspended only by toes and at times precariously balanced high in the air on the hoop.

Spanish Web

Spanish Web involves a handloop attached to a length of thick rope suspended above the audience. Hanging from this handloop by either a single hand or foot, Kate performs assorted tricks and figures held whilst the rope is spun from the ground, twirling at increasing speed.

Aerial Net

Resembling a mermaid plucked from the depths of the ocean, in her aerial net Kate writhes through the air with aquatic grace, at times seemingly trapped within the net and at others to be at one within white folds, she performs incredible drops and fascinating choreography.

Roman Rings

Tracing its origins back to Ancient Rome and typically seen performed by men, Kate’s Roman Rings act combines strength and fragility, power and flexibility. Using rings suspended from individual ropes, she blends feats of dynamic gymnastics with moments of feminine grace.

Fire Fans and Fire Hula Hoop

Overcoming the instinctive fear of fire possessed by humans, Kate tames this most fascinating and fickle of elements to dance with me using fire fans and/or a special hula hoop. Ever moving, ever spinning, she twirls around and through the flame and into an astonishing array of figures.

Rhythmic gymnastics:

Using ball, hoop, rope and ribbon, Kate creates a fast-paced and fun routine. Stepping outside the limitations of competitive sport, she combines dance and tumbling with rhythmic gymnastics skills in a unique way