Engaging Motion is a unique human balancing act by James Holt and Chloe Richards, exploring the concept of a strong couple basing one another. From Chloe standing on James’ head to James balancing on one arm on Chloe’s back, they move effortlessly through different positions of balance and strength which are guaranteed to amaze and leave a long-lasting impression. Combining acrobatics, balance, dance and theatre, Engaging Motion is a unique and entertaining display of strength with a flirtatious, romantic attitude.

James and Chloe started their circus training at the circus school Bizircus in Fremantle WA, before moving to Melbourne to train at the National Institute of Circus Arts. They have performed together at various festivals and cabaret nights including ART RAGE in Perth. They also have various performance experiences from NICA shows, Trick Circus and Fashion Parades.

Technical Requirements.

Minimal Stage: (L)3m x (W)2m x (H)3.5m

Music and Theme: Provided, but can modify the act’s music and theme to suit requests.