Acrobatica is proud to present This Side Up, one of Melbourne’s brightest emerging, independent contemporary circus companies. Formed in 2006, the company presented its first show 'Little Indecisions' at Melbourne Fringe Festival, Federation Square. Soon after, the group hit the road on a tour up to Queensland to feature at The Woodford Folk Festival. The show hosts high energy tumbling, breath-taking acrobatics, amazing aerial, hand balance, and German wheel.

The Side up has recently returned from a skills training intensive up in Brisbane, where they focused on creating new and innovative contemporary circus and movement work. Their latest work ‘3times’ is a bold, truthful and raw act, demonstrating the muscular human body as it moves effortlessly through seemingly impossible positions. The show explores the different energies between people and how they attract or repel against each other. This breath-taking piece was show cased in the BMW edge during the FINA festival 2007.

The group has over 10 years competitive gymnastics experience and training, at a National and International level. They are all graduates of the National Institute of Circus Arts, Melbourne, Australia, specializing in Acrobatics, Russian Bar / Swing, and Hand balancing. Individually they have all worked successfully in the international market, most recently returning from Singapore and Doha, working on the 2006 Asian Games. The group is now focused on growing and developing their circus company, and marking a mark at a national and international level.