So who are these guys…..?

…. Nick Cilento & Allie Wilde form this highly skilled male / female acrobatic balance duo, bringing to the street and stage a rare and exciting blend of acrobatic skill, characterisation and theatricality….

With many years of professional experience between them, Nick and Allie brought their diverse talents together in 2001. In recent times Sault Poets have performed at the Perth Artrage Festival, Brisbane Ekka, Nundah Festival, Brisbane’s River Feast, and Warwick Festival - as well as at numerous corporate events and functions.

Whether it’s a parade, a stage spot, mingling at a cocktail party, working a festival crowd or weaving between the tables of a banquet, their quirky characters, engaging interaction and jaw dropping stunts will leave a lasting impression.

The acts outlined here are theatrical flesh on an acrobatic skeleton, and each has been developed with a specific thematic and/or environmental brief. The same can be done to suit your event. Allie and Nick’s diverse skills include aerials, juggling, chair balance, physical theatre, text, mask and martial arts – making them a valuable asset to any larger scale production.

The Sault Poets have been performing at special events for years and years, and bring a wealth of talent to your next function.

Roving and Show options include:

Hans & Eva

Cheerfully naïve though highly skilled, this pair of brightly attired acrobatic clowns is always a welcome addition to any occasion. Inquisitive while never intrusive Hans and Eva weave their magic as they happily chatter and perform their mini shows of skill daring throughout your event. Flitting from table to table, stall to stall or simply ambling nonchalantly along the street, these atypical tourists from the enchanting land of Opzeeland offer an unforgettable experience for audiences of all ages.


Silent, but highly interactive roving characters.

With bowler hat & tape measure in hand, they engage passers by to assess just who measures up to their (very high) expectations of how things should be. Very important things, such as the size of a trouser turn-up (which should be 2.5”) or the distance from elbow to wrist (which should be the same as the size of ones foot!).

If a photograph is required, the Boffins are happy to oblige – but, everyone must stand correctly and at the precise distance of 8.5” from the person next to them!

Living their lives in pursuit of a mathematically resolved existence, the Boffins take the world, and everything in it, very seriously indeed (a necessary preoccupation if one is to truly satisfy such an exacting sense of social and mathematical etiquette).

The Fliez

Along with Hans and Eva, The Fliez were a real hit when they featured at last year’s Ekka. With strong reference to real fly behaviour and a cartoon twist inspired by the work of Gary Larson, these not-so common houseflies are surreal and slightly spooky. Curious, friendly, certainly unexpected and with a great sense of humour they flit and buzz amongst the crowd.


A man and a woman

in costumes inspired by the intertwining roots of trees perform a seamless Adagio of acrobatic balance that takes it’s audience on an organic journey. Androgynous in its execution, this routine explores the co-dependence of organisms. Always in touch - joined and entwined these two bodies balance and support one another as they curl and unfurl to the rhythm of nature’s pulse.