Guests are transported back to England in 1928 for Lord Daventry’s birthday bash, where rumour has it he will announce his engagement to Miss Fanny.

It’s Agatha Christie in spirit - cut glass accents, pearls, flapper dresses and monocles - with lashings of sexual innuendo and double entendres.

Guests each have a role to play for the night and are encouraged (but not required) to indulge their inner artiste by dressing and behaving in character. They play detective while mingling over dinner.

The core cast includes the delightfully flighty Miss Fanny, besotted and oblivious to the designs on her fortune; Uncle Bernie, a former army Colonel and a blustering, big-bellied chauvinist; the pièce de résistance, Nanny Maude, Quinten’s childhood Nanny who is Scottish down to her brown boots and one of the best drag acts since Mrs Doubtfire.

Subplots emerge as the evening gathers pace and spices up into a hilarious romp peppered with music, murder, mysteries, disembodied limbs and suitably hysterical screams.

As shows go this is interactive entertainment at its best!

A Dinner to Die For will provide the following

- Pre show information including guest characters

- Guest character name badges and place settings

- Core cast of 6 costumed actors plus additional support as required

- All show props and equipment

- Liaison and support with yourself and venue to manage the event successfully